What is Netflix Error Code ui3012 & How to fix it

The Netflix Error Code ui3012 appears on your device while you are watching the videos. Messages such as are associated with these lines :


This doesn’t indicate why the problem occurred, but it depends on you how you try to solve it.

Yet, sometimes simply reloading the page will work, and all will be fine from there. In some situations, the error notice will remain. There are several things you may do to resolve the Netflix Error Code ui3012 and continue viewing your favorite Netflix series or videos.

Why is Netflix Error Code ui3012 caused?


According to our study and expertise, you may be facing the aggravation of the Netflix Error Code ui3012 on the Netflix applications. Due to one of the five causes listed below.

Your Connection is Not Stable

The Netflix Error Code ui3012 is seen in a variety of cases when internet services are unavailable. If that’s the situation for you, you will need to reactivate your internet connections to avoid the Netflix Error code ui3012 on your broadcasting device.

Weak Internet Signal:

The next most typical reason for Netflix Error Code ui3012 is weak WiFi connectivity. To use Netflix, you must have a strong WiFi signal. You can’t expect a great Netflix service with such weak WiFi connectivity.

Weak Network:

A weak network will result in low network performance, becoming a cause of various connectivity issues such as the Netflix Error Code ui3012 streaming device. A good network will assist you in avoiding these connection issues and mistakes.

Browser Extension Interference:

Browser extensions, whether you’re using Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Opera, can occasionally create disruptions with services like Netflix. To Disable such extensions will remove any interference, allowing you to watch movies on Netflix without Netflix Error Code ui3012.

Modifications to the Default Connection Settings:

Have you lately changed your default connection settings? If so, it might be the most likely reason for Netflix Error Code ui3012 on the Netflix app. Restoring the settings is a wonderful approach to get rid of this issue.

How to fix Netflix Error Code ui3012


Restart Your Device

You can try to reset it whether you’re broadcasting from a smartphone, a computer, a smart TV, or some other device. Temporary bugs are frequently resolved in this manner.

You can Restart your device by the following three easy steps:

  1. Turn off or disconnect the gadget from a source of power.
  2. For a moment, turn it off.
  3. Restart it or reconnect it to the power supply.

Sign out from Netflix


Signing out of your Netflix account might sometimes help. After that, check to see whether you can stream any video. Log out of every device with the help of an internet browser on your PC or a mobile application is the quickest approach.

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the upper right corner of Netflix in any Web browser or application and enter your name.
  2. From the menu, choose Your Account.
  3. Scroll down to the Log out of every device and choose it.
  4. To verify, click the Log out button.
  5. After that, sign in to the device from which you wish to connect.

Verify Your Internet Connection

Check to see if your internal is operational. Try to see whether some other device is connected to the WiFi and if the broadcasting device is the only one experiencing problems. If there is a brief disruption, the device should reconnect to the internet on its own. If this does not happen, be sure you connect it on your own.

Reset the Router


Mostly, a simple reload might solve the issue. Restart your Device, and the Netflix Error Code ui3012 may vanish from the error screen after the connection is restored. Make careful to switch off the broadcasting device before restarting the router. It is also preferable to restart the router by disconnecting it from a power supply rather than pushing the device’s button.

Directly Plug the device

If you plug your broadcasting device and modem directly, your internet connection may become more reliable.

  1. Start the broadcasting device.
  2. Plug the Wire into both your modem and your PC.
  3. Switch out the modem, hold up till 30 seconds, and then reconnect it to a power source.
  4. Switch on the broadcasting app and attempt to watch a Netflix movie.

Reconfigure the Router

Reconfiguration of your router is not the same as restarting it. This will clear your network settings. You’ll have to Sign in again, hence be confident that you know your Email and password before clicking the confirm reset button.

Follow the steps below: 

  1. In the lowest-left corner, click start.
  2. Scroll down until you locate Settings and tap to open it.
  3. In the search field, type Network reset.
  4. Select Reset now from the new tab.
  5. Your device will boot up again. You may now re-enter your network and Netflix account to see whether the problem number is still shown.

Turn off the VPN

VPNs and proxy have the potential to disrupt the Internet connectivity between your broadcasting device and Netflix. If none of the above-mentioned alternatives worked, it may be necessary to deactivate the VPN and reconnect to Netflix over your local network.

Remove the Browsing Extensions


There might be extensions that are interfering with your connection to Netflix, especially if they are connected to this broadcasting service. If you’re watching Netflix on a computer, open your online browsers, and check for any add-ons that could be constraining it with Netflix.

  1. Launch a browser and click the icon at the top right corner. It takes the shape of 3 dots.
  2. Select Add-ons from the menu to discover which ones you may disable.
  3. Confirm to see if the Netflix Error Code ui3012 message has vanished.


It is assumed that the Netflix Error has been resolved after implementing the strategy outlined in the article. The methods provided are simple to implement and have helped many people resolve this error on their devices. Make sure to carefully follow the instructions to resolve the issue and resume watching Netflix.

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