What is Netflix Error code u7361-1253-c00d6d79 & How to fix it


When attempting to stream Netflix content, user may experiences an error code: m7111-1331-5059.

Most of the time, the problem is accompanied by the statement ‘We’re having difficulties streaming this title right now.‘ Please try again later or choose a different title.’ 

If you’re struggling with a generic problem (likely a cache issue), you should be able to address it by starting the Windows App fixer, resetting the Netflix service, or uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Here are some guideline to fix Netflix Error Code U7361-1253-C00D6D79 which usually user faces while having windows 10.

How to fix Netflix Error code u7361-1253-c00d6d79

Netflix Error Code u7361-1253-c00d6d79 can be fixed by the following steps:

Upgrade to the most recent version of Windows 10

Microsoft  has acknowledged providing Windows updates regularly. These upgrades, in addition to new features, provide stability enhancements and fix bugs; so, if you haven’t upgraded your computer to the newest system, you must.

After you’ve updated it, restart your computer and attempt again to access the Netflix service. If the situation exists, try the procedure below.

Netflix App should be upgraded

You may see the problem if you use the Netflix application despite using a browser and have not recently updated it.

To upgrade the app, follow the instructions below:

  • Open the ‘Run’ dialogue box by using the ‘Windows+R’ shortcut key.
  • In the dialogue box, type ‘ms-windows-store:/home‘ and press ‘Enter.
  • The Google Store will open; choose the three dots that are horizontal in the upper right corner and navigate to ‘Downloads and Updates.
  • Then, select the ‘Get Updates‘ option to upgrade the Netflix service to the most recent version.
  • After the completion of the update, reboot your device and see whether the problem still occurs.

Operate the Windows guide

If none of the previous options execute, the Windows Debugger is a valuable tool to have on hand. It not only detects the problem immediately, but it also generally recommends a viable solution.

Follow the instructions below to utilize the tool

  • By pressing the ‘Window+R’ shortcut key, Click the ‘Run’ dialogue box and type ‘ms-settings::troubleshoot,’ then click ‘Enter.’
  • The Help menu might popup; navigate to ‘Discover and solve What is Netflix Error Code u7361-1253-c00d6d79 additional issues’ and then choose ‘Windows Store Apps.’
  • Select the ‘Troubleshooter‘ option to locate any problems on the computer.
  • When the digging is finished, click ‘Apply this update‘ and reboot your computer.

Complete any outstanding downloads

Some problems may arise if there are any remaining downloads when you are attempting to watch anything on Netflix. Before you start streaming material from the app, be sure the downloads are finished.

Take these steps written below:

  • Open the Netflix application, and navigate to the main page; choose the action icon in the upper left corner and pick the ‘My Downloads‘ option.
  • At the upper right, tap ‘Manage,’ and then either finalize or delete the remaining downloads.
  • Click refresh the Netflix application to verify whether the issue persists.

Install the Netflix application again

If no solution works, rebooting the Netflix application could.

  • Open the Dialogue box, type settings: app features, then press Enter to access the ‘Applications and Features’ area.
  • Locate the Netflix application and tap it to widen the menu, After that select the ‘Advanced Settings‘ option.
  • In the confirmation dialogue box that appears, tap on the ‘Rest‘ button once again and then on the ‘Reset‘ button.
  • When the procedure is finished, relaunch the application to see whether the Netflix Error Code U7361-1253-C00D6D79  has been resolved.

Reinstall the Netflix application

  • If the restart option does not work, the only other alternative is to delete and reinstall the Netflix application.
  • In the ‘Run’ dialogue box, type ‘ms-settings:: app features and navigate to the ‘System and Features’ area.
  • Just open the Netflix application and select ‘Advanced,’ then ‘Uninstall.’ Return to the ‘Run’ dialogue box and put in ‘windows-store:/home’ to access the Windows Application Store.
  • Locate the Netflix application and press the ‘Get’ button to install it again on your device.