What is Netflix Error Code avf 11800: How to fix it



Netflix Error Code avf 11800 usually indicates a network problem that stops your gadget (iPod, iPhone, or Apple Tv) from linking to Netflix. When this issue occurs, the information saved on your gadget must be updated.

The error message may read, “Cannot play the title.” Please retry later.”

Alternatively, “An error occurred when playing this app.” Please try again later, or choose a different app.”

Why is Netflix Error Code avf 11800 Caused?

The reason for Netflix Error Code avf 11800 is unknown, although the following factors might contribute to this problem:

  1. The Netflix Error Code avf 11800 appears when there is a network access problem with your iPad, iPhone, or iPod, as well as your Apple TV.
  2. You are using a virtual private network, which prevents your device from accessing Netflix services.
  3. Perhaps you’re browsing for too much on Netflix.

How to fix Netflix Error Code avf 11800

See the Steps below to fix Netflix Error Code avf 11800:

Restart your Apple TV, iPod, iPhone, or iPad Mini

Netflix Error Code avf 11800 might occur when your iOs are occasionally desynchronized with your modems. To renew the connection, switch off your local router (unplug it) and your iOs.

For Apple TV:

  1. Power both Apple TVs off as well as the television.
  2. Then, for 2 to 3 minutes, disconnect both the Apple TV and the television.
  3. Reconnect both devices.
  4. Switch both units on.
  5. Try Netflix once more.

For use with the iPhone, iPad, as well as iPod Touch

  1. Hold down the Power push-button until the red slide displays.
  2. Slide the button to switch off the gadget entirely.
  3. Tap the Power button after 30 seconds to power on your smartphone.
  4. Start Netflix once more.

Set Apple TV’s Domain Naming System (DNS) to Custom

Netflix Error Code avf 11800 on Apple TVs might be based on the fact that your DNS settings are enabled to automatic. You might try manually configuring your DNS. Request a DNS address from your network service provider.

Alternatively, you may try DNS Google public, which is and Check out the instructions below to learn how to configure DNS.

  1. Go to Settings, and then to System.
  2. Choose between WiFi and Ethernet for your internet connectivity.
  3. Proceed to DNS Configuration.
  4. Select Manual.
  5. Enter the DNS address here.
  6. Reboot the device.
  7. Start Netflix once more.

Install Netflix again on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch


Netflix Error Code 11800 may appear when your Netflix is not updated or corrupted.

  1. Please reinstall or update it.
  2. Remove Netflix from your computer.
  3. Launch the Application Store and then go to the Netflix App.
  4. Log in to the iTunes account after clicking the cloud symbol.
  5. The app will then be downloaded and installed.
  6. Start Netflix.
  7. Please sign in to the account.
  8. Check to see whether it resolves the Netflix Error Code avf 11800.

Related to the Default Setting:

Sometimes our custom settings for the gadgets are not suitable with Netflix. To fix this, you have to reestablished your default settings.

In case you’re utilizing a VPN, you’ll either need to turn the VPN off or improve one. If not, you’ll get the Error M7111-5059,  also called Netflix proxy error.