How to Download Movies on MacBook to Watch Offline 

Can You Download Netflix on Your Mac?

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming apps, and now it’s providing users with the option to download and stream an unlimited supply of movies and television shows wherever they go without any error. 

We have dedicated this page to Apple users who wish to utilize the app on their laptops but want to make sure they access the app safely.

How to Download Netflix on a Mac

There’s no option for Apple users to download the Netflix app on their laptops, and they must be aware not to download fake apps that are designed to upload viruses to your device if you click on them. 

Many users have reported the rise of ransomware attacks that are specifically targeting Mac users, and this is software that accesses all of the user’s data from their device and encrypts their data to lock them out. 

Other websites that claim to offer the option to download the Netflix app are ridden with viruses that can delete your data and infect your files. To remain safe from such attacks, we recommend users to download the Disk Drill app which will immediately recover all lost files and data in case a virus infects your device. 

Can You Airplay Netflix From iPhone or iPad to a Mac?

Netflix has already killed this feature in 2019. They explained there was no way for them to distinguish between devices, and they couldn’t meet the high standard of viewing quality. The company has clarified on its website that the Airplay feature cannot be used on Netflix. 

Download Netflix on a Mac in Windows

If you have a Mac computer you can download the Netflix app through the latest Windows system. 

To install the Windows operating system, users will need the Microsoft Windows installation media and disk image which has the 64-bit version of the latest Microsoft version, an Apple keyboard, mouse, USB keyboard, and 55GB of free disk space on your drive, and a USB 2 flash drive. 

Once you have installed the necessary devices, you can download the official Netflix app from the Microsoft Store and log into the account.

Can You Airplay Netflix From an iPod or iPad to a Mac?

Yes, users can stream movies from an iPod or iPad to a Mac through the Airplay function offered by Apple, which offers wireless streaming between devices with the help of local wifi. The app also supports offline viewing of movies and shows, so you can take your devices with you when traveling to enjoy Netflix on the go.  

To enable this function, users should download the app AirServer to be able to receive Airplay streams on their Mac. Enabling this function also requires users to create a local Wifi network, which can drain your device’s battery life. So, users must make sure they’re carrying their chargers with them if they wish to stream movies through Airplay on their phones. 

How to Download Netflix on iOS for a Mac

There’s no app available for Apple users to download Netflix. You can access the streaming platform through web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. 

If you do come across a website that claims to have the Netflix app for Mac users, avoid it at all costs. Such apps contain viruses that can corrupt your data and files or steal your personal information like your bank account number, home address, etc. 

Record Netflix on a Mac With a Screen Recorder

If you’re someone who travels a lot and wanted to access the US Netflix content than you may face the Netflix error code M 7111-5059 as Netflix content is restricted regionally, If you try to record Netflix on a Mac with a screen recorder, here’s a solution. 

Apps like Movavi allow you to screen record movies and save them to your devices. But we would recommend our users to be careful. This method is very time-consuming and also considered illegal. You aren’t allowed to make unregistered copies of movies and dramas. 

Connect an iPhone or Ipad to a Mac & Use Quicktime

Are you trying to display a picture or presentation on a big screen for a group of people? Apple’s app QuickTime Player has got you covered, as it allows you to play movies, music, or even edit files. 

Here’s a quick solution to transfer a picture from your iPhone or iPod to your Mac: 

  1. Open the Launchpad on Mac and click on QuickTime Player. Connect your phone to your Mac using the cable. When you unlock your phone, you’ll see an alert saying: “Do you trust this computer?” Hit “Yes,” and this will allow your Mac to access files on your phone. 
  2. In QuickTime Player’s menu, select the option “New Movie Recording.” This will show you a new window with a small red button at the bottom. You must switch from Facetime HD Camera to iPhone by clicking on the small arrow beside the Record button which will drop down to a menu with a list of options.
  3. Once you have clicked on the iPhone option, your Mac will instantly connect with your device.