How To Change Your Netflix Password – An Easy Guide

It is very important to know how to change your Netflix password for many reasons. You may have shared the password with anyone but no longer want them to use your account, or you have simply forgotten the password, and you want to reset it so that you can access your account.

How to change your Netflix password  

Changing your Netflix password frequently increases the security of your account. It is very easy to change your Netflix password no matter what device you use.

From Desktop Browser

  1. Go to the Netflix website on your desktop browser and Sign in to the account.
  2. You will be directed to the Netflix homepage after you select your profile. Go to the top-right corner and click “Account.”
  3. In the membership and billing section, click on “Change Password.”
  4. You will need to enter the existing password and then enter a new password. You will need to re-enter the new password to confirm it.
  5. To ensure the application of a new password on all profiles, tick “Require all devices to sign in again with new password” so that Netflix logs out of all devices using the old password.
  6. Click “Save” to confirm the password change.

From the iOS and Android app 

  1. Log in to the Netflix app.
  2. Select “Menu” in the upper corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to select “Account.”
  4. A browser page will open where you will be able to see “Change Netflix Password.”
  5. You will need to add the existing password and then the new password twice to confirm.

How to change your Netflix password if you’ve forgotten

To change the current password, you need to enter the existing password. But if you have forgotten the current password, then you need to follow this process.

After logging in to your account, follow the steps mentioned above to reach the change password page. On the change password page, click the “Forgot Password” option.

If you have not logged in to the account and forgot your password, navigate the login page and click “Need Help?”

Netflix will send you an email where you can set your new password.

If you have even forgotten the email address, then you need to enter either the first and last name of the account holder or the card number you used for payment.

Note: The most common Netflix error occurs while streaming is Error code M7111-5059. you can check our detailed guide here.

How to Kick Someone Off of a Netflix Account

The best way to kick someone off your account is by using the option that requires signing in again with the new password. If you don’t want to share the Netflix password, you can use this option. In this way, all devices signed in will be logged out automatically, and only devices with a new password will be able to log in.

Also, there is an option of “ Sign out of all devices,” after which all devices will need to sign in, and you can inform the specific person not to log in again.

What to Do If Your Netflix Account Is Hacked

Netflix will notify you via email if there is any attempt to hack your account. The email will contain instructions on what to do next. Usually, these instructions ask you to change your password or email associated with the account. You can do that easily by clicking “Need help?” on the login page.

Using this method to change the password requires an email address or phone number. To verify the email address, the first and last name of the user, or debit card number.

Other Netflix Password Tips

Once your Netflix account is fully safe, the user receives an email from Netflix with detail of the security problem and a link to the Netflix help center with articles to improve the security of your account. Netflix recommends changing the account’s password frequently. The password should be a combination of at least eight characters, both upper and lowercase, numbers, letters, and symbols with no personal information.

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