How to Cancel your Netflix Subscription Easily

Not wanting to pay for your Netflix account anymore? Are you tired of different Netflix errors? Or are you having an error code: m7111-5059  while streaming and looking for better streaming options? Eager to know how to cancel Netflix? Makes sense! In today’s fast-paced world, there are so many streaming options to choose from.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription [Easy Steps]

Ready? Here’s the easiest way to cancel your Netflix subscription:

Sign in with your e-mail address & password
Open the homepage
Select the arrow at the top right corner
Click ‘Account’ from the drop-down menu
Under the ‘Membership & Billing’ category, click ‘Cancel Membership’
Click the ‘Finish Cancellation’ option for confirmation

Keep in mind that if you pay a third party service provider for your Netflix account, then you’ll need to contact them to have your streaming subscription canceled.

How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription in a Web Browser

Canceling your Netflix subscription through a web browser is easy. Just follow these steps:

Visit plan
Log in to your Netflix account
When you sign in, you’ll see two options in front of you
You can cancel your account & use it till the next billing date
Or you could buy a downsized place to save a few bucks
After you’ve chosen your option, click Finish Cancellation to confirm

How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription: Android

If you’ve signed up for your Netflix account via the Android app, then chances are that it’s linked directly to your Google account. So, you’ll have to cancel your Netflix subscription via the Play Store app. Here’s how to do it:

Open the Play Store app
In the top-right corner, you’ll see a profile icon. Tap it.
From the menu which opens, click on ‘Payments & Subscriptions’
Select ‘Subscriptions’.
Tap on ‘Netflix’ from the list of subscriptions and select ‘Cancel Subscription’
Select confirm

How to Cancel Your Netflix Account: iOS

iOS users can ignore the Netflix app and go straight to Chrome or any web browser to open your Netflix main page. From here, you can use the desktop version of the site to cancel your subscription.

Tap the menu in the upper corner on the right, and select ‘Account’
Scroll down a little and select ‘Cancel Membership’
Tap on ‘Finish Cancellation’ to confirm

How to Cancel Netflix through Google Play

If you are facing any type of Netflix Error, You can easily cancel Netflix through your android phone on Google Play. Follow these steps for a smooth subscription cancellation:

Open the Google Play app
Tap on your profile picture in the upper-right corner
Then, tap ‘Payments & Subscriptions’
Select ‘Subscriptions’
Now, from the subscription service list, tap on ‘Netflix’

How to Cancel Netflix if Account was Hacked

If your email and password has been changed, contact Netflix help center.

Look at your viewing activity. Has it been suspicious? Is your email and password not working? If yes, then chances are that your account has been hacked. If your login info and Netflix account is still not working, then you will need to know how to cancel your Netflix account. Try these steps:

Visit from your desktop or phone
Select your option: Call or Live Chat
Tap on ‘Call Us’ for a quick inquiry

Some extra steps to follow after canceling Netflix account

Once you’re done with canceling, you still have access to Netflix up until your next billing date. You can view your next billing date and see if you still want to enjoy Netflix till it expires after you’ve canceled your subscription. Here’s how to view the billing date:

Sign into your Netflix account
To see your billing history & membership plan, tap on ‘Billing details’
You can now view or change your billing date

You will also receive an email from Netflix, confirming the cancellation. Make sure to check if you’ve received this email.

Netflix still has your personal info and viewing history. Here’s what to do!

Netflix automatically deletes accounts right after it’s been 10 months since the cancellation. But if you wish to have your date deleted earlier than this date, then you can follow these steps:

Open the email account that is associated with your Netflix subscription
Write an email to to request data deletion
After that, the Netflix team will delete your personal info

What if you are sharing your account?

If you are sharing your account with someone outside your household, you should let them know that you’re about to cancel the Netflix subscription. This makes sure they already know beforehand.

After canceling your subscription, make sure you also contact Netflix help center to get your account info deleted. One benefit you’ll get is that no one can log into your account or try to renew your subscription if your account has already been deleted.

Try downgrading your plan instead of canceling your Netflix subscription

Current plan too expensive? It is not a surprise that in recent years Netflix has increased its price for the Premium plan. So if you’re looking to downgrade your plan to Standard or Basic, follow these easy steps:

Log in to your Netflix account
Underneath the option ‘Plan Details’, select ‘Change Plan’
Choose your desired plan
Select ‘Continue/Update’
Then, select ‘Confirm’ for confirmation

On your next billing date, you will be charged the price you chose based on your plan. But you’ll still have access to exclusive benefits of your current plan until your next billing date.

The Best Alternatives for Netflix

Whatever reasons you may have for leaving Netflix, you have a lot of options out there. Here are a few of them:

Hulu: For just $6.99 a month, you can watch TV shows & movies on the Hulu app. That’s almost half the cost of a monthly subscription. Hulu’s basic subscription offer only offers one user at a time, so this means you won’t be able to share any screens with family members or friends.
Amazon Prime Video: If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, then you know the membership comes with Amazon Prime video as well. But if you don’t have a Prime subscription, don’t worry. You can get just the Amazon Prime streaming service for only $8.99 a month.
HBO Max: With a $9.99 cost a month with ads, and $14.99 for an ad-free experience & 4K streaming – this streaming service is perfect for you if you’ve always been a big fan of HBO.

Now, you know everything you need to know about how to cancel Netflix subscription, downgrading your premium plan, and checking out other streaming alternatives. So, make sure to always select a subscription plan that best suits you, whether it takes canceling your current plan or downgrading it.