How many subscribers does Netflix have worldwide?

The company is seeing a great downward arc in the subscriber number game. Only 2.5 million people joined the Netflix bandwagon, almost 4 million less than in 2021.

This is surely the lowest point that the company has hit since 2015. Considering the leap that it took in 2020 due to covid, it is a great concern to bring it under the lens.

Netflix is trying more ways to attract the masses to its content. A big decision was to raise their monthly fares in the US & Canada and lower the prices in India, which is a big target country for Netflix.

Another big decision was to start a new revenue stream which is ” gaming.” The company has acquired a gaming studio called ” Night School.” 


How many subscribers does Netflix have?

Netflix has wide range of movies and TV shows which can be accessed by anyone who has its subscription, However while streaming, sometimes a user may experience any Netflix error but that can be easily solved. Netflix right now has around 222 million subscribers. Comparing the count number game to 2011, there were only 24.30 million back then, speaking loudly about their success. 

Who’s Netflix’s audience?

Because Netflix offers a range that no one does in the market yet, even though there is great competition.The wide range of content from every genre to every type of filmmaking & the world’s finest filmmakers offering/showcasing their work on the platform for the world to see, yet Netflix’s strongest point. This is why it gets a mass number of people hooked to the Platform.

Talking about the audience type, every type of ethnicity enjoys Netflix. People delightedly watches different region contents due to which sometimes they make mistakes which cause them Netflix error but it can be solved by some precautions then a user can easily watch his/her desired shows, movies, etc. A source reveals that more than white people, Hispanic & African American people are on the platform for better services.

Netflix also offers content for every type of person, e.g.,  it has five times more content than HULU in 2018 -2019, touching the LGBTQ community so that the relatability quotient doesn’t break from the LGBTQ set of people.

The audience also includes every age group, mostly from 18 to 54. Some audiences admit that they are used to watching their favorite shows with their pets & even consider their likes & dislikes.

How many paid subscribers does Netflix have

As we speak in 2022, the count has reached more than 222 million subscribers on Netflix. 

A huge leap is found while comparing the number of Netflix paid subscribers from the 3rd quarter of 2011 to the 2nd quarter of 2020.

In the 2nd quarter of 2020, there were 192.95 million subscribers & that much jump was due to the covid situation. In 2011, only 3.2 billion in revenue was collected. 

Netflix subscribers in the US

To talk about the US member count, Netflix doesn’t provide the exact member estimation, yet we have collected some data which shows 178.5 US subscribers.

This member count doesn’t necessarily have to be paid because our research surrounded the people who watch Netflix at least once a month. Last year, Netflix managed to garner around 2.2 subscribers.

Netflix global subscribers by country

Netflix has prepared its wings in 190 countries until now & keeps increasing greatly with time. Even though the giant is a huge hit in North America, it has become a big game for other places worldwide.

To talk about some regions specifically, here are the stats

  •  US & Canada

Around 74 million paid subscribers & a YoY growth chance of 10% shortly.

  • EMEA

Around 69 million paid subscribers with a YoY growth chance of 11%.


around 39 million paid subscribers & a YoY growth chance of 1%

  • APAC

around 28 million paid subscribers with a YoY growth chance of 9%.

Netflix user Statistics

Netflix provides a great deal of content, especially in the VOD space. Still, competitive streaming such as Amazon, HULU, or HBO Max keeps deteriorating the member count as people have started to shift to other platforms or quit Netflix.

It is expected that by 2022, Netflix’s video viewing ratio among adults is expected to lower from 40.6% to 38.9%, which is alarming.

Netflix’s subscriber growth slows as streaming rivals challenge its market share.

Netflix saw a big leap during the covid time, especially in 2020, as people were stuck at home & turned towards the OTT platforms such as Netflix. In 2020, 37 million people subscribed to Netflix were reduced to 18 million in 2021.

The growth has deteriorated as in the 4th quarter, only 8.3 million people joined Netflix, whereas the initial forecast was 8.5 million. 

Despite such low dips, the company is still hopeful as bold decisions are in line, such as adding more foreign language content considering the result of the giant hit “Squid Game.”

Right now, Netflix has around 222 million subscribers. The revenue rose 16% in the fourth quarter, which is 7.7 billion. The company’s net income was $607 million, to be precise. Talk about the full-year revenue, and it increased to 19%, which is $29.7 billion.

The company released the biggest hits in the fourth quarter, such as the final part of “Money Heist” to the science fiction film ” Don’t Look Up,” which became a huge hype among the masses.

One of the OG streaming websites, Netflix, has a huge loyal following which increased during the pandemic. Despite its challenges, Netflix is still at the forefront of subscribers due to its captivating original content and a vast library.