How many people can watch Netflix at once by a Single Account?

Netflix is an American-based video streaming platform that first started offering its services in 1997. Basically, Netflix has a big collection of old and new award-winning content such as films, documentaries, television series, animated shows, etc. While streaming try to avoid such acts which may cause Netflix error.

After subscribing to any of its three plans ( Basic, Standard, Premium), you can easily get access to your favorite programs. You might be wondering why there are three Netflix plans? The answer to this question will also solve your query of how many people can watch Netflix at once. So, stay where you are and finish reading the article!

How Many People Can Watch Netflix at Once?

With one single account, you can watch Netflix on a number of devices. But, the number of devices (either one, two, or more) depends on which Netflix pricing plan you have access to. Let’s now answer your question of exactly how many people can watch Netflix at once.

Look at the division of the pricing plan:

With a basic subscription plan to Netflix that costs around $9.99 each month, you can only watch one screen on Netflix at once.

The Standard subscription plan to Netflix, which costs you $15.49 per month, Netflix will allow you to watch two screens at one time.

However, those with access to a Premium subscription to Netflix, which costs $19.99 each month, can enjoy streaming Netflix on four devices.

A thing to note here is that you can only download Netflix content on the devices you can watch Netflix on. And that depends on which subscription plan you have access to. For example, if you have subscribed to the basic plan, you can only download Netflix media on one device.

How to Know if Too Many People Are Using Your Netflix Account

Whenever your Netflix account operates on too many devices, you will be prompt with “too many people are using the account right now” on Netflix. This prompt is often problematic and irritating because when too many devices are in use, you can’t stream your favorite movie or T.V show. You will have to wait until they are finished streaming or upgrading. So you probably want to know who is it that’s using your account.

To know who are these “too many people” using your account, follow these steps:

On your browser, search and head to the Netflix home page.
Sign in to your account.
After signing in, you shall see the “Account” option on the top right-hand corner. Click on it.
Go to ‘Settings’ and click on “Recent device streaming activity.”
Next, mouse the cursor over the link that says, “See recent account access.”

Following the above-given instructions shall help you know when and from where someone has used your account. So you can make some good guesses about who used your account. Then if you see any suspicious activity, you can also kick off the users. Don’t worry; we have further discussed this in the article below.

How Many Netflix Profiles Can You Have?

You can have five profiles on your one single Netflix account. People living in the same household can have their separate customized Netflix experiences by having different Netflix profiles.

So you can always add a profile for an additional family member on your Netflix account as long as you haven’t created a maximum of 5 profiles already.

To add a profile:

Log in to your Netflix account
To the right of your profile image, click on the dropdown.
There, select “Manage Profile.”
Next, click on “Add Profile,” visible on the right of the account list.
Give the profile name and choose whether the account is a kid’s account or not.
Click on ‘Continue,’ and the video-streaming platform will add your profile.

With this new profile, you can have your own language preferences, playback settings, maturity level, and many more things.

Should You Share Your Netflix Password?

If you have subscribed to a standard or premium plan on Netflix, you can. In contrast, if you buy a basic plan, the video streaming platform will prohibit you from sharing your password as it might ruin your streaming experience on the app.

How Can I Watch Netflix on More Than 2 Devices?

You can watch Netflix on more than two devices. But for that, you will have to upgrade to the Premium subscription plan on Netflix if you haven’t already. Netflix offers different price plans, and in it lies the answer to the most frequently asked question: how many people can watch Netflix at once? Depending on the type of subscription, you can stream on one, two, or more devices at once.

If you have subscribed to the basic plan, Netflix will allow you to watch on only one device. With the standard plan, you can watch on two devices, and with a premium subscription, you can stream on more than two or a maximum of 4 screens simultaneously.

Tips for Using Your Netflix Account Offline

One of the coolest features of Netflix is that it allows subscribers to use the app offline. Yes, you read that right! Now you don’t have to worry about your internet connection getting slow. To enjoy your favorite tv shows, documentaries, and films offline, read out the following given tips.

First of all, you will have to make sure that you have installed the latest version of the Netflix app on your device.
Open your account, and you will be able to see a notification of ‘Find something to download.’ Click on it and download any content of your choice that you wish to watch later on.
The other way to download stuff is by clicking on the menu option present in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
Next, select the option of ‘Available for download’ on the given list, and you will be able to see the content you can watch offline.

Can You Kick Someone Off of Netflix?

Whenever you discover that someone else is using your Netflix account without permission, you can easily kick them off of Netflix. To prevent them from further using your account, follow two of the easiest and simple ways mentioned below:

The first way is to change your password. But always make sure that your new password is unique, strong, and includes both numbers and letters (upper and lower cases). Following these instructions will give a tough time to people who try to guess your password.

Sign out of all the devices connected to the account. You will remove all the devices connected to your account by signing out. You will have to sign in again with your new password on just the devices you wish to use.

And there you go! Now, anyone who earlier had access to your account won’t have anymore. You can enjoy the streaming peacefully now.

What Is the Base Price for Netflix?

In the United States, this subscription-based video streaming platform charges around $9.99 for its monthly basic plan. Netflix allows its users unlimited streaming at the base price, but they cannot access HD and Ultra HD services.

If you want to know how many people can watch Netflix at once in the basic plan, then the answer is only one.

What Other Plans Does Netflix Offer?

Besides the basic plan, Netflix also offers its subscribers standard and premium options. Of course, the rate and quality of services change as you move from one plan to another. And yes, how many people can watch Netflix at once on either of three types of subscriptions is also different. If you opt for a standard account, you will be able to stream and download content on two devices simultaneously. With this plan, you can also access HD quality streaming.

If you buy a premium plan, you will be allowed to watch and download your favorite programs on four screens at the same time. The best part about this account is that it comes with the benefit of Ultra HD services.

Does Netflix Have a Free Trial?

Unfortunately, Netflix does not give a free trial or allows its users to watch the first episode of their selected show for free anymore. It is very common for platforms to reduce or end providing free trials as they grow more and more popular in the market. However, even without the free trials, you always have full freedom to cancel out or change the plan any time if you think Netflix isn’t for you. The platform won’t charge you any cancellation fee, and there won’t be any contracts or commitments. But in order to avail of what Netflix has to offer, you will have to sign up.

What Shows and Movies Are on Netflix?

It is a platform with a wide variety of content, from award-winning shows and films to Oscar-winning documentaries. People worldwide love using Netflix because it is not bound to show content from any one specific region. Long story short story, you can stream almost every popular show and movie on this video-streaming platform. However, some people also uses VPN so if you are among them you have to either turn it off or improve it, If not than you will have to experience the Netflix proxy error.

Similar Streaming Services

Netflix is not only the platform where you can stream your favorite programs. You can also watch them on various other platforms such as Hulu, Disney, etc. If you are tired of using Netflix and want to switch to other streaming services, you might need some information about the top contenders in this list. Read on and get your queries answered.

Hulu »

It is an American-based video streaming platform. NBC Universal and News Corporation launched Hulu in 2007, and so far, 45.3 million people are availing of its services. By subscribing to this platform, you can access Hulu original shows and a library of new and classic television series and films.

Disney+ »

Disney+ is especially known for producing some of the most epic animated films and shows. Owned by The Walt Disney Company, this video streaming platform provides a wide variety of content that is sure to brighten up your day.


By subscribing to ESPN+, users get exclusive access to live sports, game highlights, replays, and more. This video streaming service is no less than heaven for people who love watching sports like baseball, football, UFC, Golf, etc.
Netflix vs. the Competition
You might not want to invest your money trying all of the video-streaming platforms, so it’s better to compare their pros and cons before selecting one for the subscription. Although services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and Amazon Prime have a large content library, there is always some factor that gives an edge to one of these platforms.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video

One major difference between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is the amount of content on these video-streaming services. Netflix so far wins the race and has a much larger library of films, television series, documentaries, etc.

If we compare the cost, then Prime Video will charge you around $8.99 each month, whereas it will cost you about $9.99 to buy the monthly basic plan of Netflix.

Netflix vs Hulu

Netflix provides its subscribers with a bigger collection of movies, originals, and shows compared to Hulu. Another thing that might ruin your experience on Hulu is ads. On the other hand, Netflix subscribers can stream their favorite content without worrying about ads.