The Best 50 Mystery Movies on Netflix


A mystery movie falls in a category in which it spins around the solution of a problem or a crime. People love watching these movies which drives the suspense entirely. Netflix having the best content in every genre of a film . it has a variety of films, drama, series, etc.

We have collected some best Netflix mystery movies which should be watch either you are from any region.

The Night Clerk (2020)

the night clerk

The Night Clerk is Best Mystery Movie on Netflix. Michael Cristofer is the director of The Night Clerk. Someone murders a women in his shift, a hotel employee becomes the primary suspect.

As the police investigation intensifies, he develops a personal bond with a visitor – but soon discovers he must stop the killer before she becomes the next victim.

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Lost Girls (2020)

Lost Girls(1)

Lost Girls is a 2020 American mystery drama film. Liz Garbus is the director of Lost Girls. A desperate mom begins a personal inquiry to recover her missing daughter, which leads police to unresolved instances of murdered sex workers.

The Women in the Window (2021)


Netflix released this amazing horror movie this year agoraphobic After keeping an eye on the Russell family, the picture-perfect brood who lived down the street, Dr. Anna Fox observes something she doesn’t.

The CloveHitch Killer (2018)


The Clovehitch Killer is a 2018 American thriller film written by Christopher Ford. Duncan Skiles is the director of the film. In this Best horror movie on Netflix, the storyline is in a portrait of a family devastated when a ruthless killer’s work strikes too close to home.

Rebecca (2020)


Rebecca is a Romantic Mystery movie. Want to see a Romantic Mystery movie then without thinking for a second go for it because you’re gonna love it. When a young newlywed arrives at her husband’s enormous family home on a windswept English coast, she finds herself fighting the shadow of his first wife, Rebecca, whose memory continues in the house long after her death.

Murder Mystery (2019)

Murder Mystery

It Contains Thriller, Comedy, Mystery, and lastly Action. All these things together make a movie perfect to watch. In this movie, a New York officer and his wife take a European trip to rekindle their marriage. A fortuitous meeting leads to them being accused of murdering an old wealthy man.

We have Always Lived in the Castle (2018)

We have Always Lived in the Castle

The movie has some mystery in it. This is a thriller/mystery movie with a lot of suspense in it. The appearance of a relative with hidden agendas disrupts the tight and secluded life of two girls and their uncle.

Enola Holmes (2020)

Enola Holmes(1)

Enola Holmes is the renowned Holmes family’s youngest sibling. She is highly clever, perceptive, and perceptive.

Enola Holmes, an intrepid adolescent, utilizes her investigative talents to outwit big brother Sherlock and assist a fugitive lord while seeking her absent mother.

The Last thing he Wanted (2020)

The Last thing he Wanted(1)

Elena McMahon, a Washington Post reporter, quits her work covering the 1984 United States presidential election to care for her father when her mother dies.

In an odd turn of circumstances, she acquires his employment as a US government armaments dealer in Central America.

Secret Obsession (2019)

Secret Obsession

Secret Obsession is a psychological thriller movie released in 2019. Jennifer’s adoring husband looks after her after she awakens with amnesia following a terrible incident. However, she quickly realizes that the danger is far from over.

In the Shadow of Moon (2019)



The Shadow of Moon is Directed by Jim Mickle. In 1988, a police officer eager to become a detective begins pursuing a serial killer who reappears every nine years. However, as the killer’s murders defy logical explanation, the officer’s fixation threatens to ruin everything.

Intuition (2020)


Argentina’s INTUITION is a new Netflix thriller. Intuition is a new Spanish-language Netflix thriller. The film is from Argentina and is based on a novel, similar to the Netflix thriller Perdida.

A relationship therapist who works too much tries to help a man with his trust difficulties. The therapist, on the other hand, is unaware that his patient is having an affair with his fiance.

Mirage (2018)


This is the Spanish Blockbuster and a must-watch movie. IMDB Rating is 7.4/10 which is amazing for a movie. In this movie, Vera can save a boy’s life 25 years in the past due to a space-time continuum error, but this results in the loss of her daughter, and Vera must battle to reclaim her.

The Invisible Guest (2016)

The Invisible Guest

Another Super Hit movie by Netflix. IMDB Rating is 8.1 Which is pretty good. A young businessman awakens in a locked hotel room next to his dead lover’s body. He hires a famous lawyer to defend him, and they work together to figure out what transpired throughout one night.

The Whole Truth (2016)

The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth is Directed by Courtney Hunt. A defense attorney inherits a tough case in which he must acquit his adolescent client for the death of his father. To assist in the case, the defense counsel enlists the assistance of a young lawyer.

The Girl on the Train (2021)

The Girl on the Train(1)

The Girl on the Train is a mystery thriller film in Hindi.

The movie is based on Paula Hawkins’ 2015 novel of the same title and stars Parineeti Chopra as a drunken and unhappy divorcee who becomes entangled in a murder case. Avinash Tiwary, Aditi Rao Hydari, and Kirti Kulhari also appear.

Forgotten (2017)


Korean Thriller! Sounds nice? If you’re already a fan of Korean movies then it’s a must-watch movie for you. Jin-Seok pursues the truth behind his kidnapped brother’s strange kidnapping when he returns, seemingly a changed man with no recollection of the previous 19 days.

Awake (2019)


After an unknown disaster wipes out all gadgets and eliminates humanity’s capacity to sleep, global panic follows. Scientists are racing against the clock to discover a solution for inexplicable sleeplessness before its deadly consequences wipe out the human race. When Jill, a former soldier, finds that her little daughter may hold the key to salvation, she must choose whether to protect her children at all costs or to give up all to rescue the world.

Strange but True (2019)

Strange but True(1)

Strange But True.. Lionsgate

Strange But True is Directed by Rowan Athale. When Philip’s late brother’s former lover visits him, it reopens the old wounds. Melissa, who is heavily pregnant, believes her unborn child is Ronnie’s 5 years after his death.

Hubie Halloween (2020)

Hubie Halloween(1)

It’s October 31st, and a town’s quirky, committed community volunteer, and the good-natured target of his fellow citizens’ scorn and meanest pranks, finds himself in the center of a genuine inquiry, for a real killer.

The body (2019)

The body(1)

The Body is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language mystery thriller film directed by Jeethu Joseph. A police officer is entrusted with looking into the death of a powerful businesswoman. He learns there is more to the story for sure after interrogating her widower.

Cam (2018)


Did you enjoy Our company? Check out this alternative take on the doppelgänger notion, starring Madeline Brewer as a cam girl who gets up one day to find that she’s online. Somebody who looks just like her is still on the internet. What makes this possible? Watch the film to find out. It’s a terrific horror film featuring one of the greatest moments by Brewer on our list.

Mute (2018)


Some Thrill with Mystery is the perfect combination and this amazing Movie is Directed by Duncan Jones. A mute bartender’s hunt for his disappeared lady-love in a future Berlin leads him deep into the city’s criminal underbelly.

The LoveBirds (2020)

The LoveBirds(1)

Most of the rhythms that “The Lovebirds” is required to hit are known to you a long time before they are hit. But it strikes them with such confidence, and the actors are enjoying each other’s company, that this is a largely entertaining, occasionally hilarious trip.

A couple on the verge of divorce becomes unwittingly entangled in a strange murder case. As they move closer to clearing their identities and solving the case, they must find out how to keep themselves and their love alive through the night.

Andhaghaaram (2020)


Andhaghaaram is a 2020 Indian Tamil-language paranormal mystery thriller. Vignarajan (V) is the director of this film. As a blind librarian, a depressed cricketer, and a forlorn doctor seek vengeance and relief, their lives intersect under strange forces.

Cadaver (2020)


Searching for a little foreign flair in your horror? Check out this unusual Norwegian film take on the blog genre, which imagines a future when assets are not so high that people would do anything for them, It leads a family of three to an event at a hotel with very dark overtones.

Before I Fall (2017)

Before I Fall(1)

Before I Fall is a 2017 American teen drama mystery film directed by Ry Russo-Young.

Samantha Kingston (Zoey Deutch) appears to have it all: fame, a kind boyfriend (Kian Lawley), and an idyllic future. Everything changes in the blink of an eye when she dies in a car accident but miraculously awakens to find herself repeating the same day over and over again. As Samantha strives to solve the mystery of a life gone wrong, she must also uncover the secrets of those closest to her and learn how the power of a single day can make a real difference.

Midnight Special (2016)

Midnight Special(1)

It is more of an Action movie other than a Mystery. If you like Action movies with some mystery then it’s a must-watch for you. The authorities and a gang of religious fanatics are on the trail of a father (Michael Shannon) and his kid (Jaeden Lieberher), a young child with unique abilities.

The Invitation (2015)

The Invitation

Karyn Kusama gave us Jennifer’s Body in 2009 and then did not write another major picture for six years. But she came storming back with The Invitation, a creepy dread exercise starring Logan Marshall-Green as a guy attending a dinner party at his ex-house wife’s and she has a very surprise update for him and their mutual acquaintances.

Time Trap (2017)

Time Trap(1)

TIME TRAP is extremely rare. While it isn’t a summer blockbuster or an awards season darling, it manages to be both cheap’n’wonderful and a very nice, fun film.

It demonstrates that just because you have to produce a movie with your allowance money doesn’t imply the finished product has to be bad. When a group of students discovers they are stuck in a cave where time does not operate the way they believe it does, they are confronted with their greatest nightmares.

Self/Less (2015)


A super Hit by Tarsem Singh. A scientist transplants the mind of a terminally ill billionaire into an artificially created body, but the outcome is not what he had hoped for.

Mercy Black (2019)

Mercy Black

Netflix’s horror film inspired by the Slenderman phenomena, which resulted in the real-life mutilation of a little girl by two 12-year-olds, has terrified viewers. This week, the streaming service suddenly debuted Mercy Black, which fans and reviewers alike described as “scary” and “really frightening.”

The Discovery (2017)

The Discovery(1)

There will be solid proof of an afterlife shortly, according to a groundbreaking scientific discovery by Dr. Thomas Harbor. While many individuals have committed suicide to restart their lives, others are still trying to figure out what it all means. Dr. Harbor’s son Will is among them, having arrived at his father’s remote compound with a strange young woman named Isla. They come upon the weird acolytes that assist Dr. Harbor with his experiments.

The Witch (2018)

The Witch(1)

Action movie with a touch of Horror! Isn’t it Amazing? A must-watch movie with a fascinating Storyline. In 17th-century New England, an exiled Puritan family establishes a farm on the outskirts of a vast isolated forest where no other family moved. Soon after, terrible forces begin to torment them.

The Guest (2014)

The Guest(1)

The Guest is a film that doesn’t mind messing with your head. The most important lesson from viewing this film is that David portrays every part wonderfully and honestly. Genaro Basurto, a 45-year-old financial counselor, finds himself stuck in a rut. Everything changes, however, when he meets Nina, a young woman who appears to be the answer to his prayers.

Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City (2019)

Twin Murders The Silence of the White City(1)

Spanish theater specializes in thrillers of this genre. Daniel Calparsoro is the director of this film. A detective returns to Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, to look into killings that resemble those committed by a serial murderer who is due to be freed from jail.

Death Note (2017)

Death Note

Death Note is a 2017 American sci-fi horror film largely based on Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s Japanese manga of the same name. Light Turner, a high school student, discovers a strange notebook with the power to murder anybody whose name is inscribed inside its pages and embarks on a covert campaign to cleanse the world of criminals.

Forensic (2020)


Forensic A fantastic suspense Mystery film in Malayalam. This film’s finest feature was its unique plot. Jakes Bejoy’s Amazing, Enjoyable Bgm and Best Swirls make the film more exciting.

When a deranged killer goes on a murdering rampage, Samuel, a medico-legal advisor, utilizes his forensic abilities to uncover the truth behind the horrific acts.

Creeped Out (2017)

Creeped Out

A collection of captivating, enticing, and interesting stories that will send chills up your spine. Various characters must make their way through the inexplicable. Directed by Bruce McDonald.

Perdida (2018)


Perdida (Spanish Meaning: Missing) is a 2018 Argentina-Spanish drama thriller Mystery movie directed by Alejandro Montiel. A police officer looks into the disappearance of a buddy in Argentina’s Patagonia. She comes to realize that her own life is in jeopardy. 

The Happy Time Murders (2018)

The Happy Time Murders(1)

The Happytime Murders is a 2018 American Mystery crime comedy film directed by Brian HensonSomeone murders the former puppet show cast members, then, Phil, a disgraced puppet police investigator, teams up with his old colleague to solve the crime.

The Forest (2016)

The Forest(1)

Its naturally eerie atmosphere is ideal for a superb horror mystery movie. Sara Price, an American lady, travels to Japan to look for her lost twin sister in a forest. Things change, however, when evil forces accost her.

Crimson Peak (2015)

Crimson Peak(1)

“Crimson Peak” is a gorgeous, sad, hideous fantasy; it’s a real hybrid, a mash-up of gloomy romance, mystery, and fairy tale film. Edith disregards her father’s advice and marries Sir Thomas Sharpe. When she arrives at the Sharpe house, she discovers her husband’s secrets and discovers that the building is haunted.

Kill the Messenger (2014)

Kill the Messenger(1)

Kill the Messenger is a 2014 American biographical mystery crime thriller film. Michael Cuesta is the director of Kill the MessengerJournalist Gary Webb finds that the CIA is involved in a narcotics ring that finances contra fighters. However, high-ranking officials forbid him from publishing the tale.

Unknown (2011)


In contrast to “Taken,” “Unknown” is more of a mystery thriller than an action film. There are several chases and combat sequences, but they are not the major emphasis of the film. Martin, a scientist, awakens four days after his automobile accident to discover that an unknown person has stolen his identity. He goes out to find the truth, perplexed and suffering from memory gaps.

Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019)

Svaha The Sixth Finger(1)

Svaha: The Sixth Finger is a contemplative religious Mystery film. While it’s a touch sluggish for viewers anticipating surprises, it’s a well-crafted and scary picture. A police captain thinks a killer may be a member of a secret cult that is presently being investigated.

Legado en Los Huesos (2020)

Legado en Los Huesos(1)

Legado en los Huesos is a 2019 Spanish Mystery-crime-thriller film. Fernando González Molina is the Director of this movie. Inspector Amaia Salazar returns to the Baztán valley for a fresh case with a link to her relatives after a year away solving murders.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo(1)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a Mystery-thriller movie. David Fincher is the Director of the movie. The rating is also amazing. IMDB rates it 7.8/10. A journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, employs computer hacker Lisbeth Salander to unravel the mystery of a lady who has been missing for forty years. The two find out they got more than they bargained for.

Bypass Road (2019)

Bypass Road(1)

Bypass Road is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language Mystery-drama Movie. Naman Nitin Mukesh is the director of Bypass Road. Famous fashion designer Vikram Kapoor is involved in a near-fatal accident on the same night his top model and ex-lover Sarah commits suicide under unexplained circumstances.

Badla (2019)


Badla is tough to put into words without giving too much away. The only piece of advice for truly appreciating this well-crafted and complex crime thriller is to watch it and focus; the result is worth it.

When they find out her boyfriend is dead, Naina, a wealthy entrepreneur and married lady becomes entangled in a web of allegations. She then employs a renowned lawyer to assist her in resolving the matter.